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Jeans for laborers

Jeans were born as a working uniform for laborers.
The patterns of OUDON are cut returning to that starting point.
The straight length from the deep waist design shows a strong presence as a workwear. Pursuing the traditional silhouette with all respect for the authentic history of jeans, the delicate details, incorporated a modern interpretation, create a strong yet sophisticated atmosphere.
To live is, in other words, to work.
All of us are the laborers as well as the seekers of life.


The Details
12.5oz white selvedge denim woven in Ibara Okayama, Japan
100% cotton
Button fly
Cow leather patch
Exclusive box
Made in JAPAN


SIZING cm / inch Waist Inseam Rise Tight Knee Leg Opening
28inch cm 75.0cm 86.0cm 27.5cm 32.0cm 23.2cm 20.7cm
inch 29.5” 33.85” 10.75” 12.5” 9.25” 8.25”
30inch cm 79.5cm 86.0cm 28.0cm 33.0cm 24.0cm 21.5cm
inch 31.25” 33.85” 11.0” 13” 9.5” 8.5”
32inch cm 84.0cm 86.0cm 28.5cm 34.0cm 25.0cm 22.7cm
inch 33” 33.85” 11.25” 13.25” 9.75” 9”
34inch cm 90.0cm 86.0cm 29.0cm 35.0cm 26.0cm 23.5cm
inch 35.5” 33.85” 11.5” 13.75” 10.25” 9.25”
36inch cm 95.0cm 86.0cm 29.5cm 36.0cm 27.0cm 24.2cm
inch 37.5” 33.85” 11.5” 14.25” 10.5” 9.5”
38inch cm 100.0cm 86.0cm 30.0cm 35.0cm 28.0cm 25.5cm
inch 39.25” 33.85” 11.75” 13.75” 11” 10”

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