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Design that expands your possibility
As long as the root of the denim jacket is a workwear, we shouldn’t ignore the mobility.
With useless widths around the arms being eliminated, our patterns, designed finely confirming the movement of the moving parts by a millimeter, create a beautiful silhouette naturally fits well with the movement of your body.
TEMPURA is designed to suit both classical OUDON and modern and sharp KISOBA. As well as the classical yet modern attraction, we want you to enjoy the chemistry with other items. We named TEMPURA in such a hope.


The Details
12.5oz white selvedge denim woven in Ibara Okayama, Japan
100% cotton
Button fly
Exclusive box
Made in JAPAN


SIZING cm / inch Front Length Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length
S cm 59.5cm 42.0cm 49.0cm 64.0cm
inch 23.5” 16.5” 19.75” 25.25"
M cm 61.5cm 44.0cm 51.0cm 66.0cm
inch 24.25” 17.25” 20” 26”
L cm 64.0cm 46.0cm 54.0cm 68.0cm
inch 25.25” 18 21.25” 26.75”
XL cm 64.3cm 48.0cm 55.0cm 69.0cm
inch 25.25” 19” 21.5” 27.25"

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