KISOBA Light Indigo

KISOBA Light Indigo


Item #: MSB-1001-01

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To be anytime free
With a laptop computer in a bag, go out anywhere.
The patterns of KISOBA were made with an image of such a man of modern who has mobility and freedom.
Creating a sharp and sophisticated silhouette by the tapered from the knees to the bottom, the loose design around the waist makes a relaxing and comfortable taste.
More stylish, more free. KISOBA will change your life much more creative than ever.


12.5oz white selvedge denim woven in Ibara Okayama, Japan
100% cotton
Button fly
Cow leather patch
Exclusive box
Made in JAPAN


SIZING cm / inch Waist Inseam Rise Tight Knee Leg Opening
28inch cm 76.5cm 86.0cm 27.5cm 31.5cm 19.8cm 16.0cm
inch 30” 33.85” 10.75” 12.5” 7.75” 6.25”
30inch cm 82.0cm 86.0cm 28.5cm 32.2cm 20.6cm 17.0cm
inch 32.25" 33.85” 11.25” 12.5” 8” 6.75”
32inch cm 86.5cm 86.0cm 29.0cm 33.0cm 21.7cm 18.2cm
inch 34” 33.85” 11.5” 13” 8.5” 7.25”
34inch cm 92.0cm 86.0cm 29.0cm 34.3cm 22.7cm 19.0cm
inch 36.25” 33.85” 11.5” 13.5” 9” 7.5”
36inch cm 96.5cm 86.0cm 29.5cm 35.2cm 23.7cm 20.2cm
inch 38” 33.85” 11.5” 13.75” 9.25” 8”
38inch cm 101.0cm 86.0cm 29.5cm 36.5cm 24.8cm 21.3cm
inch 39.75” 33.85” 11.5” 14.25” 9.75” 8.5”

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